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Baby Possum Rescue

These baby possums are not actually ones we found. Only ones below

Saturday Bryan and Brooke found baby Possums. 
Mama was hit by a car and these two were still alive.
 They are aproximately 60 days old and were hungry & cold.
Neither of us knew what to do with them other than not
leave them to die.
We started searching for answers and did find two downfalls of keeping them alive is 
1. being too cold
2. dehydration

One way to keep them warm is holding them next to you or a heating pad or hot water bottle. The danger of a heating pad is getting them too hot to survive. 
Brooke put them in cotton shirts in a box, put the heating pad under the box and monitored it to not let them get too warm. 
Their little cries were more like a hiss and they have little claws that cling to everything. 

We also discovered we could feed them Esbilac for infant animals like puppies or cats. And diluted 1 part formula to 3 parts water.
If they were younger their mouths normally are sealed except for a place where they latch on to mama's nipple in her pouch. Thankfully these were older and mouths wide open.
One also has to be careful what they are fed with.
Normal bottles at pet store don't work for them.
We used a curved syringe with piece of medical tubing on end. We tried the bottle but mostly had to squirt it in their mouths. The danger of feeding is feeding too much and also aspiration. So we fed them only a little. Afterward they were content to snuggle in their shirts and sleep.
They don't like light either so prefer to stay covered up.

Now what are we going to do with baby possums that grow up?

The vet was very discouraging and said they carry rabies and all kinds of stuff. sigh

We found really good information at 

Brooke also contacted a Wildlife Rescue in Ames, Iowa.
They have a whole list of people who will get the animals, nurse them and know what to do so they can be released back into the wild. 
Another friend suggested Walden's Puddle might be able to help. Their located in Tennessee but knowledge in pet rehab. 

A woman came and got the possums and knows what to do to get them well on their way. 

All this really spurs me on to back to school in veterinarian medicine since plan to do rescue in the future.
I didn't like not being very knowledgeable and it spurs me on to do something about it. 
We've had too many accounts of nursing baby bunnies and other animals to keep them going. Some successful and some not so much. 

Rusty being a dog has an amazing nurturing instinct.
When mama bunnies keep their babies in a huge pot I grow raspberries in he has to check them several times a day until she moves them. 
He's been checking lately to see if any are there. lol

Do you have experience rescuing animals domestic or from the wild?
I'd love to hear about it.
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