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A Combo to Honor our Fallen

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In honor of those who gave their lives in protecting our country, I've created this jar combo of soy wax sprinkles in
watermelon, vanilla and blueberry. I created a short slide show below to show you the sprinkles.

As usually, you wash and reuse your jar or
purchase a refill as soon as I have them available. 
You may purchase your jar of sprinkles below the video.

Memorial Day Sprinkles Combo
Memorial Day Sprinkles Combo

#MemorialDay #WarmerSprinkles #Watermelon #Vanilla #Blueberry
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Remembering the Fallen and Loved Ones

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Good Evening

How was your day? Is Memorial Day significant to you?
Did you honor those who lost their lives in service to our country? 

I realized not only do many honor the fallen but this is a day and weekend to remember loved one's who have passed away as well. I apologize and no offense intended.
Some have a BBQ, maybe a keg of beer and a hot dog of a time with friends & family as well as put flowers or crosses on graves of those who have been lost to war, service to our country and put flowers on graves of loved ones and friends, regardless of their service to our country.
Today for many is significant to remember our loved ones.

I realize there are some of you who live in the US and some who don't and your not into Memorial Day.
No problem! How was your day?

A few facts about Memorial Day thanks to my friend, Sybil Jones!

#MemorialDay #LovedOnes
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Morning, Coffee and Hummingbirds

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Good Morning!

It's a cool and rainy Wednesday. I'm enjoying it rather than despising it. 
I was sipping my coffee and sitting watching the birds at the feeder, squirrels & rabbits nibbling at the seed on the ground.
I was concerned the hummingbirds wouldn't find the first feeder I put up but lo and behold two were at the feeder!
I wasn't fast enough to get their picture but hope next time I'll be ready.

Earlier this month I found this post below from 'Save Our Hummingbirds' and want to share.
I've learned a lot hummingbirds & about not adding color to their nectar. Here's a simple recipe to make your own.
Hope you find it helpful.

#Wednesday #Morning #Hummingbirds #SaveOurHummingbirds #squirrels #rabbits
6:24:00 AM

End of the World: Reality or Movies

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Hey I'm working on somethings for those inquiring minds who have asked but want to ask the rest of you I haven't asked as of yet. Most of us know the survival & end of the world movies are just that--movies. There are things we may have faced or will face such as flooding, hurricanes and other things. I'm curious what interests you most to know about in regard to natural disasters:

!. How to Prepare in case of a natural calamity

2. What to do in regard to certain calamities your area is prone to
3.Something I haven't mentioned

I'd appreciate your help to better share information you'd like to know. Please comment below or send me an email-
P.S. Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter below and stay in touch with what I'm doing.

#calamity #NaturalDisasters #WhatDoYouWant
2:30:00 PM

Welcome Warmth in May

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Good afternoon.
I'm glad to keep warm when it's so cotton picking cold. 
It's May, wet and too darn cold to my liking.

I'm going to snuggle up and take a nap under my quilt.

No worries I'll be back in awhile.


#woodstove #nap #warmth #fire #May #rainy #cold #snuggletime
10:22:00 AM

Aaaaah It's Friday: Have a Great One!

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How's your Friday going so far?
It's a rainy one here today again but that's Iowa for ya.

My ankle still hurts a bit from falling part way down the stairs but it's so much better today Yeah!

I'll be working on finishing some e-books I'd like to start sharing and today is a good day to stay off my foot 
and do so. 

#Friday #ebooks #rain 
7:25:00 PM

Good Evening & Happy Thursday

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Good evening & Happy Thursday.
How's everyone nite going? It's still 'Thankful Thursday' and today I'm so thankful for my grandson, Taylor. Hadn't heard from him for a long time and he had a conversation with me on facebook last nite. Yeah!!
An off day today. Fell on stairs and twisted my ankle. Hurts a bit! Nothing a little Aloe Heat Lotion can give me some relief from. Doesn't take it all away immediately but certainly giving me some relief in a huge way.

Aloe Heat Lotion
4 oz
Aloe Heat Lotion

After a long, active day, we all know the misery of tired, aching muscles. Now you can stretch no further than to grab a tube of Aloe Heat Lotion!

This rich emollient lotion contains deep heating agents to make it the ideal massage companion for tired muscles and dry skin. Aloe Heat Lotion is a pH-balanced, lubricating lotion designed for a soothing, relaxing massage. The deep penetrating power of Aloe Vera will help soothe your muscles after sports or hard workouts! 

  • Soothing relief after sports or working out
  • Rich, emollient formula
  • An ideal massage lotion
#AloeHeatLotion #Thursday #Thankful
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A Pleasant Wednesday to You

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How's your day going so far?
It's raining here off and on.
A good day to be a puddle jumper lol


#Morning #Wednesday #Enjoy #Rainy #puddleJumping
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Peaceful Monday

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Good Morning! 

It's a peaceful Monday hear. I love being out of doors as much as I can early in the day and hearing the birds singing. 

What's your favorite part of Monday? Is it mornings? Evening? No Part of Monday is your favorite?
Go ahead and share in the comments and let me know!
#Monday #Peaceful #FavoritePart
8:07:00 AM

Happy Friday

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Good Morning and Happy Friday!

It's a beautiful cool morning here but promising to be quite hot. I'm thinking of walking the dogs but may need to do it soon. 

Any plans for your weekend and/or Mother's Day?

I'm probably going to be pretty low key and give my mom a 
call. I went last weekend and a bit early to give her an early Mother's Day gift. 

Have a great Friday. I'm off to take the dogs for a walk before I get sleepy. Breakfast can do that to me. lol

#Friday #MothersDay #sunshine #GoodMorning

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Chiropractics Alternatives on Thankful Thursday

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Good Morning, Hope your Thursday is off to a great start.
I've had a busy morning already & realize my back is really out of wack again. Time to go back to my 
NUCCA chiropractor again. I'm thankful for Dr Deb Sesker who puts my body where it needs to be via the neck axis.

Aproximately 5 years ago I went to a osteopathic doctor.
I'd had a bad respiratory infection and had to sleep sitting up for a few weeks. Because of doing so my 
back was not in good shape.

The dr proceeded to push on different places on 
my back and I experienced 
severe pain. I wanted to scream and go through the ceiling. He didn't stop until he decided to.
I went home not feeling any better and actually worse.

The next day I noticed my lip drooping and my left arm felt numb. In another day, I couldn't drink without liquid spilling out of my mouth and had limited use of my left arm.I went to my regular doctor and was asked if I looked in the mirror.
No,  hadn't and was afraid to. She told me my whole left side of the face was 
drooping and thought I had a stroke.

I was sent to the emergency room and after 12 hours of being there was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. 

To be quite honest, I'd been wanting to go to Dr Deb Sesker who is a NUCCA chiropractor in my area but initial
visit is costly.
Guess what this pushed it! I made the appointment the
  next day and went.
Within 30 minutes of being in her office and her adjusting my neck axis, I had full fo my lips and full use of my arm. No more drooping and feeling terrified of not being able to function.

Dr Deb recommended I never let a doctor of any sort ever push on my back again.
I took her seriously and still do today.

Since going to Dr Deb, I've discovered some 
interesting things.

I've discovered poor posture causes neck imbalances in the upper neck region which leads to many different ailments in the body. Chronic pain, tiredness, tinnitus, dizziness.  Also my immune system becomes weakened and I get sick really easy. I've also found some exercise that benefit me greatly. Normally I don't have to go for a visit for a year.
There are times it's more frequent yet compared to regular chiropractics I had went to on a weekly
basis the results are superior. And no more paralysis due to a doctor not understanding what he's doing!

I in no way want to make any medical claims or
say that everyone's experience will be as mine has been.

I've share a few videos below to help you learn more about NUCCA and also some exercise I do with my neck.
I hope you find these helpful and might decide 
to find a NUCCA Chiropractor in your area. 
Need a NUCCA>>> Doctor
Learn >>>More

#NUCCA #chiropractor #neckAxis #NeckExercises #gentle #noThrust #videos #findAdoctor #LearnMore #thankfulThursday
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Stormy Monday

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Good Morning and Happy Monday.
It's looking to be a stormy rainy day.
Makes me appreciate the nice and sunshiny days 
we've been having. 
I grabbed a few pics of the clouds this morning and put them in a slide show below. Now I'm enjoying the view as I work. A little rain never stopped me. 
Have a great day!

#Monday #Stormy
10:51:00 AM

Have a Great Weekend

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Have a great weekend. I'll be around off and on because 
I'm taking a little time out to regroup and working on
a write up on about a 
really unique business owned by Katelyn Anton.
She creates really unique and inspiring jewelry and more.
Looking forward to sharing more about her and her business.

Talk soon.

#nichaholicandgraphics #timeout #weekend #katelynAnton #FaeriesForNature
12:48:00 PM
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 Welcome to Shay-Made Repurposed Kraftwerks.
All the creations are made from re-purposed wood, making good use of our resources.
Grab a cuppa java or a soda and enjoy your shopping experience.
Shaylee working on Creating

Towel rack being created. Almost done

Whether you purchase a single chicken or both,
shipping is $10.50

Tall Standing Chicken
Large standing chicken

Sitting Chicken
Sitting Chicken

Both Chickens
Both Re-purposed Chickens

ShayMade #Kraftwerks #RepurposedWood #chickens
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Forever Inspired:Have a Sit and Browse

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Sometime ago I shared I was combining my facebook page Inspired by Forever with Home at Hearth.
I've been sharing products from my Store but believe I neglected to let you know your welcome to grab a cup of coffee or tea, have a sit on a comfy chair and browse the shoppe. There is something for everyone from infant to 100+.

Do stop on by. There are new items like Infinite by Forever to take the best care of your face and more. 

I'd love if you'd share as well and let others know of Forever's awesomness! Thank you!
#Forever #ForeverInspired #aloe #HomeatHearth #Infinity #facial #Share
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When the Day Has Been Long: Take Yourself Back

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When the day has been long: Take Yourself Back
Light the candles, run a hot tub of water and 
add a few drops of essential oil. Put your hair up and soak. 
Refreshing here I come!
#essentialOils #Unwind #Hotbath #Candlelight

Forever essential oils

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Baby Possum Rescue

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These baby possums are not actually ones we found. Only ones below

Saturday Bryan and Brooke found baby Possums. 
Mama was hit by a car and these two were still alive.
 They are aproximately 60 days old and were hungry & cold.
Neither of us knew what to do with them other than not
leave them to die.
We started searching for answers and did find two downfalls of keeping them alive is 
1. being too cold
2. dehydration

One way to keep them warm is holding them next to you or a heating pad or hot water bottle. The danger of a heating pad is getting them too hot to survive. 
Brooke put them in cotton shirts in a box, put the heating pad under the box and monitored it to not let them get too warm. 
Their little cries were more like a hiss and they have little claws that cling to everything. 

We also discovered we could feed them Esbilac for infant animals like puppies or cats. And diluted 1 part formula to 3 parts water.
If they were younger their mouths normally are sealed except for a place where they latch on to mama's nipple in her pouch. Thankfully these were older and mouths wide open.
One also has to be careful what they are fed with.
Normal bottles at pet store don't work for them.
We used a curved syringe with piece of medical tubing on end. We tried the bottle but mostly had to squirt it in their mouths. The danger of feeding is feeding too much and also aspiration. So we fed them only a little. Afterward they were content to snuggle in their shirts and sleep.
They don't like light either so prefer to stay covered up.

Now what are we going to do with baby possums that grow up?

The vet was very discouraging and said they carry rabies and all kinds of stuff. sigh

We found really good information at 

Brooke also contacted a Wildlife Rescue in Ames, Iowa.
They have a whole list of people who will get the animals, nurse them and know what to do so they can be released back into the wild. 
Another friend suggested Walden's Puddle might be able to help. Their located in Tennessee but knowledge in pet rehab. 

A woman came and got the possums and knows what to do to get them well on their way. 

All this really spurs me on to back to school in veterinarian medicine since plan to do rescue in the future.
I didn't like not being very knowledgeable and it spurs me on to do something about it. 
We've had too many accounts of nursing baby bunnies and other animals to keep them going. Some successful and some not so much. 

Rusty being a dog has an amazing nurturing instinct.
When mama bunnies keep their babies in a huge pot I grow raspberries in he has to check them several times a day until she moves them. 
He's been checking lately to see if any are there. lol

Do you have experience rescuing animals domestic or from the wild?
I'd love to hear about it.
#possumRescue #WildlifeRescue #WaldensPuddle #Possums
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Happy May Day

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Good Morning! Welcome to the first day of May!
When I was a kid we created May Baskets with paper cups and pipe cleaners. We filled the baskets with nuts, mints and other candy. When they were ready we left them on friends doorsteps.
Did you make May Baskets or do you still? 

#Morning #MayBaskets #May

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