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Leave False Promises Behind

I totally appreciate Aloe Fleur de Jouvence.

I've been using it for sometime. And believe me over the years I've tried different products even sold Jafra Skin Care and loved it but nothing compares.
Believe me there are some fantastic skin care lines available

but this works for me. Give it a consider!

I spent quite some time sick, on medications and then infection & surgery that re-arranged my jaw/face.  
I spent months with my face swollen and seemed like
nothing I could do helped. Talk about self-conscious and not wanting to go out in public. Let alone do live facebook, google hang-outs or videos with myself in them. 

I never was a beauty queen, don't want to be one either but
thankful I'm seeing dramatic improvement being able to begin with Forever Aloe Fleur de Jouvence again.

I say all this to emphasize Aloe Fleur de Jouvence and it's restorative effects for anyone willing to take the time to care for their face. 

We are worth taking good care of ourselves and if we allow busyness and family responsibilities as an excuse to not slow down and care for ourselves we pay the price.
The few minutes in the morning and evening to care for ourselves and feel good about it will actually contribute to feeling even better about the responsibilities we have.
I say this out loud to myself as well from time to time. 

My sister,Julie is a certified beautician and we are hopeful very soon to do a 'live' facial demonstration for everyone with the products.

Today I'd like to share a couple videos from the wonderful Sharon Smith in her spa. Both are videos are similar but I believe you will appreciate what she's doing.
This is a video Sharon did several years ago. The look of the products have changed but they still contain stabilized aloe and all the same wonderful ingredients.

I'm including the recipes and products Sharon is using below.
If you want to know more about a product simply click the product image. 
Any questions let me know. 

Forever Bee Honey

Don't use if allergic to bees or bee stings
Forever Honey
17.6 oz
$14.21 USD
Buy Now

Aloe Fleur De Jovence  Mask Powder
Facial Mask
1 oz
$16.80 USD

Buy Now

Aloe Activator

Aloe Activator
4 oz
Aloe Activator

Forever Alluring Eyes
1 oz.
Alluring Eyes

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  1. I need to do better about taking care of my skin. I get lazy at the end of the day.


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