Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's a Spring Thing

It's gorgeous weather here in Iowa. We've had some cooler mornings than I like but overall it's sooo nice.
Grass is turning green, flowers blooming and my roses are budding. Oh yea!

It's got me almost wishing for summer time.
And that brings me to the new 'Coconut Warmer Melts' and Neapolitan Soap Pops.

Coconut reminds me of being on the beach and having fun and Neapolitan Soap Pops--I love ice cream any time of year but summer is the best for it. 

What's that got to do with Spring?
After a long winter, cold and dreary weather,
my mind is on the beauty of spring and 
the coming summer months.
Check these out and don't drool just get yours ordered. 

Coconut with a Touch of Vanilla
Soy Warmer Melts
Star Shapes

Are you or your kids a Neapolitan Ice Cream lover?
Your all going to love this. But don't eat it.
 This Neapolitan Pop with the fragrance of the real
thing is going to be irresistible.
I make these as ordered so usually need a
few days to get them done for you.


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