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Garden of Fragrance Has Joined Us

Welcome to the newest edition to Home at Hearth-
Garden of Fragrance
Please be patient as I create and add my 
signature warmer melts.
I am creating them in unique shapes as well as in clam
shell squares to put in your warmer and create
wonderful aromas for for your home and office. 

I just created Watermelon in unique shapes, perfect
for putting in your warmer. More coming soon!
Each set come with 48 shapes made of soy wax and
scented with watermelon. 
Add them to your warmer. When the scent has diminished,
pour the used was in a container carefully and wipe out your 
warmer dish. Soy wax makes any spills easy to clean up.
These are also wonderful placed in a dish. Scent your room with or without a warmer.
Each set is $3.00

Watermelon Warmer Melts 

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