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Complete Your Easter Baskets

Just in time for Easter

Easter is coming soon.
Instead of just sugary treats how about
making your Easter baskets a bit unique.

Every child likes to color and the unique crayons from
Fun Shaped Crayons USA will be a delight
to be remembered for your child(ren)
You may order your Easter Bunny Crayons and more
and be sure to visit Matt & Lauren's page 
on facebook as well.

And why not make those Easter baskets even more special
 by adding 
Watermelon Scented
Easter Egg Soaps
Irredescent Magneta Color (sprinkled with pink candy sprinkles)

White with slight Purple Swirl

These soaps are nicely scented and made of clear glycerin & white glycerin soap base, and scented nicely with watermelon.
A nicely scented moisturizing treat for your skin so unlike store bought soaps that dry rather than moisturize.
I've just sat mine in a dish in the bathroom and kitchen and am enjoying the fragrance wafting through the air. 

Irridescent Magneta Glycerin Soap
Watermelon Scented

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White Easter Egg Glycerin Soap with slight Purple Swirl
Watermelon Scented
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