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Good Evening, Hope your day has went well.
I've had a busy day today and realized my back is really hurting again. Time to go back to my 
NUCCA chiropractor again. 

Aproximately 5 years ago I went to a osteopathic dr.
I'd had a bad respiratory infection and had to sleep sitting up for a few weeks. Because of doing so my 
back was not in good shape.

The dr proceeded to push on different places on 
my back and I experienced 
severe pain. He didn't stop until he decided to.
I went home not feeling any better and actually worse.

The next day I noticed my lip drooping and my left arm felt numb. In another day, I couldn't drink without liquid spilling out of my mouth and had limited use of my left arm.I went to my regular dr and was asked if I looked in the mirror.
No,  hadn't and was afraid to. She told me my whole left side of the face was 
drooping and thought I had a stroke.

I was sent to the emergency room and after 12 hours of being there was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. 

To be quite honest, I'd been wanting to go to Dr Deb Sesker who is a NUCCA chiropractor in my area but initial
visit is costly.
Guess what this pushed it! I made the appointment the
  next day and went.
Within 30 minutes of being in her office and her adjusting my neck axis, I had full feeling in my lips and arm. No more drooping and feeling terrified of not being able to function.

Dr Deb recommended I never let a dr of any sort ever push on my back again.
I took her seriously and still do today.

Since going to Dr Deb, I've discovered some 
interesting things.

I've discovered poor posture causes neck imbalances in the upper neck region which leads to many different ailments in the body. Chronic pain, tiredness, tinnitus, dizziness, and a weakened immune system are just a few of the conditions that can occur. I've also found some exercise that benefit me greatly. Normally I don't have to go for a visit for a year.
There are times it's more frequent yet compared to regular chiropractics I had went to on a weekly
basis the results are superior.

I in no way want to make any medical claims or
say that everyone's experience will be as mine has been.

I've share a few videos below to help you learn more about NUCCA and also some exercise I do with my neck.
I hope you find these helpful and might decide 
to find a NUCCA Chiropractor in your area. 
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