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Purim: Remembering Esther Saving the Jewish People

This last weekend those of Jewish heritage celebrated Purim. Esther, a Jewish woman, became queen of Persia shortly after arriving in the king's harem. She kept her religious identity a secret from the king at first, but when she heard that the king's advisor, Haman, was plotting to exterminate the Jewish people, she could not remain silent. Esther planned to appear before the king and plea for her people's lives, but showing up to speak to the king without being summoned was punishable by death. To prepare, Esther fasted for three days. When she finally visited the king, he heard her out, stopped the planned genocide, and granted Jews the right to defend themselves against their enemies. If that tale isn't worthy of a massive party, what is? This whole story was written down in the Book of Esther, otherwise knows as the Megillah of Esther. I don't agree with some in the comparison to halloween or Mardi Gras. Purim has much more spiritual significance, Read more....What is Purim


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