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Ale Isn't Only for the Irish

Honey Ale Soap isn't just for the Irish and leprechauns but of course if you Irish that's ok too.
If your a leprechaun you will have to let me know what you think lol

I was inspired by St Patrick's day to create this Honey Ale soap. I wasn't able to do it in time for St Patty's day but
no reason you can't enjoy it now. 

Honey Ale Soap is made with Honey, Glycerin, Coconut, Natural Liquid Castile Soap, Honey Ale Fragrance and coloring.
I've made some in a darker green and some in brownish orange. You choose the color that suits you. 

I created the top with a white glycerin to add a bit of frosting look. 

If you have purchased soaps that promised to make your skin moisturized and were left wanting and feeling ripped off, then your more than ready to try Honey Ale Glycerin soap. Your skin will be treated to moisture and you will enjoy a light honey and ale scent. Not too much scent but just enough 
to delight your senses.Order yours belong and Enjoy!

Honey & Ale Green with white Topping

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Honey & Ale Orange/Brown with White Topping
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