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A Sudsy New Season: I Haven't Gone Crazy

Good Afternoon and a pleasant Wednesday to you.

I'm making many changes to my business, this blog and working on a new website. At times it can seem overwhelming but trying not to have it be so for you. 

Unexpectedly getting sick and a couple of surguries,
has actually been a grand opportunity for me 
to refine and focus on my passion for creating and 
giving you my best. 

I'll soon be updating the cover here and on social media sites. Just haven't got there yet. 
I don't want you to think I've lost my mind and purposely 
leaving things out of wack on everything. lol
I'm very grateful for your patience with me.
After two hospital stays and surgery, a lot of my sales 
go toward paying the bills. I do appreciate your
support when you make a purchase.

I'm kicking things off with my soap creations.
I have to tell you my grand daughter, Shaylee is
a tremendous help and inspiration.

These minty, chocolatey soaps are a treat in themselves.
Scented with Moroccan Mint and Dark Rich Chocolate
these soaps are delicious but only for your skin. If you like Chocolate Mint Girl Scout Cookies these will have your longing for them. But don't try to eat them lol 
The delightful soaps are made with coconutglycerin and lightly scented to ultra moisturize your skin. 
If you have purchased store bought soaps that promised
to make your skin feel moisturized and are left 
wanting, it's time to leave those days behind. 
If you like a richer scent no worries I have 
some coming soon.

I'm including video of Shaylee helping me make these soaps near the bottom of the post if you'd like to have a look.

 Chocolate Mint Soap
1.5 oz

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Chocolate Soap Intro

Chocolate Mint Soap 1

Chocolate Mint Soaps 2

Chocolate Soap Part 3

Chocolate Mint Soap Video 4

Chocolate Mint Soap Video 5

And here we go, finished Chocolate Mint Soap.

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