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Good Morning: Make Your Monday Rock!

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Good Morning!
Time to start our day. Many dread Mondays.
Are you one of those people?

I used to dread Mondays before working for myself.
Not so much that I didn't like my job
rather I'm quite a laid back person and
it seemed like a lot on my plate to start
my Monday so piled up with work.

I found working for myself I'd do the full plate on Monday
to myself as well. 
Then unrelated to this I got really sick, had a couple surgeries and now thankfully I am on the mend. 
When I came home I've had a ton of work facing me, facebook pages, twitter, instagram and other social media I hadn't been able to be on for
a few weeks.

I've been making my own planners with notebooks and stickers for some time and it just wasn't cutting it.
I said to myself, 'Wait I'm in charge and I need
to be a better planner of my time. I need to find a better solution'.

Before I tell you what I've done different, I
want to mention if you work for an employer
you may not be able to do much about the
work load your given. But then again, your
employer may be willing to work with you
and allow you to better plan your work load
during the week. You don't know if you don't ask!

A friend shared 'Passion Planner' and I love it.
I'm sharing a video below from founder, Angelia Trinidad with 'Passion Planner'.

Although the free pdf by sharing the kickstarter video is no longer available, you can purchase your 'Passion Planner' here=Passion Planner

When your order will you please give my email as a

Thanks so much and have a fantastic Monday.
Let me know when you get your Passion Planner and how it changes your planning on a daily basis.

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