Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Specials from Pink Zebra for November

 Good morning, I don't know about you but I don't know what I think about this year's election. 
It will be a memorable one to say the least.
I've been bombarded with calls, television adverts that seek to destroy the other candidates person hood and more. Can't say that has made me real pleased about either candidate.
It's impossible to take a stand for any either candidate on social media without the risk of being unfriended or slammed. 
Regardless what I think, I appreciate Pink Zebra's special.
It's your opportunity to purchase your scented sprinkles and a 'Decision 16' Glimmer Candle Set of your choice.
If this isn't your thing, stop over and get some fragrance for your simmer pot. Or maybe you need a new simmer pot. 

Also give some serious thought about signing up as a 'Pink Zebra Consultant' and getting 20 % off your kit.
Becoming a consultant is a fantastic way to share these delicious scented sprinkles with others and purchase your own at a discount.  
Use the links below to shop and Join the Herd.
Have a great day & Happy Shopping

Your Pink Zebra Consultant is: Cindy Fox

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