Friday, November 25, 2016

12 Days of Christmas
It may get cold outside but I'll be inside enjoying the delight of each jar's scent in my simmering pot warmer. How about you? Get your '12 Days of Christmas' and share with me as you go through each jar of fragrance. 

Remember only 24 hour hours and when their gone, their gone! Click 'Shop' below and get ready to tantalize your senses! 

Looking for extra income & to have your own business! Pink Zebra may be your fragrant dream job.
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And think of the discount on your own favorite fragrances.
Looks what's New:

Winter Village Shade Set NEW! #4009444

Etched in glass this two-piece shade and Glimmer Candle set, the mysterious beauty of a  snowy evening inspires wonder and awe.  Display in a darkened room for a breathtakingly different view.  Shade 4.25''d x 6.5''h   Glimmer Candle 3''d x 3''h         Add your fragrance, instert wick and breath taking!

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