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Oh Ma What Do I Do Now?

Good Morning and Happy Monday! How's everyone doing? 
Has anyone given thought to what they'd do if there is a disaster. Or what have you done in the midst of one?
I'm thinking of the hurricane Matthew and other storms happening or have happened.

I have lived through flooding where there was no safe water accessible and people stood in lines to get water jugs filled. No water water!
All stores sold out of water and it took some time for the water company to get things back on track.
Roads were blocked in many parts of town and the rivers smelled horrible. 

I was thankful to live miles away rural but found myself coming back to help others when I could. 

I'd love to hear if you've been through the hurricane, tornados, flooding, etc. 

Were you prepared or if not what did you do to get through the time period until things became a bit more normal.

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