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Do You Know the Gifts Your Here to Share, Eileen Burns


What Kind of Therapist Or Coach Are You?

Do you know what kind of therapist you are and what you are here to be?

Are your natural gifts and abilities reflected in what you practise and how you practise it?

You may be a healer, coach or therapist but maybe your strongest gifts is the teacher someone who can communicate clearly knowledge, skills or wisdom or maybe you’re a comforter offering a safe space where clients feel totally accepted and loved or the alchemist who can support a client into transformation from their deepest most purest desires…
Every healer, therapist and coach is here with unique gifts for a unique purpose, do you know yours?
Some of you are the teacher, the visionary, the nurturer, the guide, the empowerer…
When you truly take the time to know yourself, know your unique gifts abilities and skills and market these effectively in your business. You and your business will begin to transform.

Are you transferring your natural gifts and abilities into your practise?

Are you shining your natural gifts and abilities into your marketing?

If not, I can HELP

I can help you explore your deepest most natural but powerful gifts you are here to share.

I can help you transfer those gifts into your business.

And into a powerful effective marketing plan.

Do you want to explore the kind of therapist, healer or coach you are here to be?

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Podcast 1- What Kind of therapist Are You?

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