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PokeyMe and Not Pokemon


Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!
Welcome to today's work in progress.
You may wonder why I have published my site not quite finished!
Well...I think it's cool to let folks talk about being real and authentic but we make is seem so big and unobtainable.
How about if I just be myself and let you follow my progress.
I'm obtainable!
Of course I have those who send me emails wanting to design my site. lol  I guess they figure I'm a helpless and don't get the point. hee hee.
I don't mind so much since I design web sites too and opportunities do need to be watched for.

On to the meat of business today.
I've been a bit delayed not feeling so well but today I'm finishing the e-book on 'Head Lice'. Not our favorite subject right!
I want to share some information on 'head lice' treatment that works and isn't merely a pesticide/poison we put on our kid's heads out of convenience. Let's face it, we live in a 'quick fix' society and want everything remedied with a snap of the fingers. As mom's and grandmothers we should know better but get sucked in only to have regrets about the results.
I'll be sharing a bit later on and hope you will stay tuned. 

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