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Rainy Afternoon 4 Changes on the Site

Good afternoon, how's everyone doing.
It's one stormy and rainy day here.
I'm staying in working on the site today.
You will notice as you look around things are not quite as they should be. But no worries.
Today's the day to get changes published for you to enjoy the site much better.
As always there will be some polishing going on if I can call it that. 
I'm sitting here eating egg rolls, Mckenna's watching a movie and one of the dogs is hating the thunder. Anyone have a dog like that? I kind of like storms, lightning and thunder but know that is the majority of people that would enjoy it with me. Of course most dogs aren't too fond either.

If you find yourself getting lost or confused on the site, shoot me an email and I'll help you out. 
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