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Good Morning: Land of Snow and Cold

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Good Morning! How's it going? It's getting colder here by the minute and snow coming down really good. 
What's weather where some of you live? I know some of you don't really get much so I might be jealous. LOL
Computer connection slower than molasses right now. At least I'm on 

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12 Days of Making Christmas Brighter: Day 11

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'12 Days of Making Christmas Brighter' 
Sharing Day 11 of '12 Days of Making Christmas Brighter'

Since I am a bit behind I will honor 'Day 11' Discount until Midnight Wednesday Dec. 14, 2016 

(Central Standard Time)
Stay tuned for more of '12 Days of Making Christmas Brighter'

Sonya® Aloe Deep Moisturizing Cream

ALOE DEEP MOISTURIZING CREAM~This intense cream quenches your skin’s thirst by delivering moisture to the deeper layers. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst promoting the elasticity of the skin. Includes pine bark extract. Rich and luxurious, this is an ideal Christmas gift for you or someone you love.

Sonya® Aloe Deep Moisturizing Cream with Pine Bark Extract is the newest addition to our outstanding Sonya Skin Care line. This deep moisturizing cream quenches your skin’s thirst for moisture like never before! 

Pine Bark Extract contains natural substances called OPCs (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) which have some of the strongest antioxidant properties ever found in nature. As a result, Pine Bark Extract combats free radicals to help preserve and strengthen the skin’s collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the body. Combating free radicals is considered by scientists to be one of the best ways to counteract the signs of aging. Pine Bark Extract in combination with the pure, stabilized aloe vera, ceramides, and latest-generation moisturizers in our new Sonya Aloe Deep Moisturizing Cream, helps maintain and deliver moisture deep within the outer layers of the skin to restore and preserve the skin’s youthful glow. 

  • Extra hydrating, for even the driest of skin
  • Contains Pine Bark Extract to combat free radicals
  • Helps to restore and preserve the skin’s youthful glow

#12DaysofChristmas #Day11 #AloeDeepMoisturizing #PineBarkExtract #Discount
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12 Days of Making Christmas Brighter: Days 10-11-12

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Sharing Day 10 of '12 Days of Making Christmas Brighter'

Since I am a bit behind I will honor 'Day 10' Discount until Midnight Wednesday Dec. 14, 2016 
(Central Standard Time)
Stay tuned for '12 Days of Making Christmas Brighter', 
Day 11
I've added a few items that are complimentary to some of the discounted items that are at regular price yet very nice treat for you and/or a gift. 

6.5 oz
DISCOUNT DAY 10 - RELAXATION SHOWER GEL. For skin that yearns to feel silky-soft, the soothing and moisturising properties of the Relaxation Shower Gel leaves your skin feeling fresh and invigorated. A nourishing formula of aloe vera and essential oils, coupled with the delicate scent of lavender, bergamot, lemon and cucumber extract. This is a really luxurious treat that smells fantastic!

Enjoy advanced skin care each time you shower or bathe with our fragrant Relaxation Shower Gel. Formulated with the moisturizing and soothing power of aloe vera plus essential oils and fruit extracts – including lavender, bergamot orange and cucumber – Forever Living has created a Shower Gel you will love.

Use with our loofah to gently scrub away your cares. Your skin will love the moisturizing, silkening power of this shower gel – and you will love its soothing scent. Feel fresh and clean with Relaxation Shower Gel – a great way to start or end your every day!

  • Use with loofah for extra exfoliation
  • Contains aloe vera and essential oils
  • Use with Relaxation Massage Lotion for the ultimate Spa Experience 
Relaxation Shower Gel
Relaxation Shower Gel
Relaxation Shower Gel


Experience an Aloe Bath Gelรฉe Luxury Cleanse, exfoliate, revitalize, massage, enrich, and relax with our exclusive Aloe Bath Gelรฉe and loofah. "

Relaxation Massage Lotion
6.5 oz
Forever Living Products has combined the soothing, skin-conditioning benefits of aloe vera, essential oils, white tea and fruit extracts to create this emollient, non-greasy massage lotion – ideal for use after bathing with Relaxation Bath Salts or Relaxation Shower Gel.

We have taken our stabilized aloe vera, renowned for its soothing, moisturizing properties, and added lavender and white tea. Lavender is the perfect aid to help you relax, while white tea infuses the lotion with an invigorating, fresh scent. Essential oils from the aromatic blossom of the bergamot orange fruit, along with cucumber extract, round out this highly emollient lotion. 

Forever’s Relaxation Massage Lotion is the perfect end to your stressful day. Just apply to your skin and massage your cares away! 

  • Conditions and soothes your skin
  • Combines aloe vera with lavender, white tea, and other essential oils
  • Use after Relaxation Bath Salts or Relaxation Shower Gel
Relaxation Massage Lotion
Relaxation Massage Lotion

If you'd like to see the complete Forever Spa Relaxation Set please click the image below to learn more.
Spa Collection
Spa Collection

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Make Selling Online Easier Than Ever

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Make Selling Online Easier Than Ever

Join 5,000+ Other Entrepreneurs Using SamCart to Boost Their Sales

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*Pro $99
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#SamCart #1PageFunnelCheckOut
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Happy Friday: Day 9 into '12 Days of Making Christmas Brighter'

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Happy Friday everyone!

Today's Day 9 of '12 Days of Making Christmas Brighter'
and today's discount is on 
Forever Aloe Moisturizing Lotion.
Great for the winter weather exposure and a fantastic stocking stuffer.

Normally sells for $12.73
Today it's yours for $10.99

Weather, wind and pollution – day in, day out, they take their toll on your skin. Now you can fight back with our exquisite Aloe Moisturizing Lotion. This unique lotion has outstanding humectant and moisturizing properties. It contains Collagen and Elastin to keep the skin smooth, soft and elastic while maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance. Thicker than our Aloe Lotion, it is ideal for replenishing lost moisture and restoring skin’s soft, silky feel. Aloe Moisturizing Lotion is excellent for face, hands and body, helping to counteract the effects of pollution and the environment. Once the lotion has been smoothed on and absorbed into the skin, makeup can be applied as usual.

  • Moisturizer for face and body
  • Excellent for hands
  • Does not contain Lanolin
  • Rich in texture
Get yours today! And don't forget the stockings you need to stuff. 

Aloe Moisturizing Lotion

#AloeMoisturizingLotion #GiftGiving #StockingStuffers

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Bob the Snowman is Finished and Ready to Go

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Finished 'Bob the Snowman'
10 x 48 x 2
Arms not included but mounting hardware on the
back to add your own sticks 
Created with grand daughter, Shay
Shay-Made Kraftwerks

Snowman Bob, Finished

#SnowmanBob #Finished #ShayMade #Kraftwerks
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Tom the Snowman (Finished) is ready to go

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Finished 'Tom the Snowman' 
24 x 50 x 2

Tom the Snowman Finished

Created with the help of grand daughter, Shaylee
Shay-Made Kraftwerks

You can view more at:

Don't forget to sign up for Home at Hearth Updates

#Shaymade #Kraftwerks #RepurposedWood #Snowmen 
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7 Secrets to Spiritual Business Success

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7 Secrets to Spiritual Business Success

Learn the 7 Secrets Of Spiritual Marketing Success a powerful 7 step modular course designed to reveal your secret ingredients of success and 
your very own secret recipe.

Learn your unique gifts, skills, that clients want. Learn who your right clients are and what products or services they want, need and will buy when you offer them in a way that resonates with their needs.

Learn the Secrets To Your Spiritual Business Success. Eileen with her years of experience will enable you to discover your unique gifts, skills, that clients want. Learn who your right clients are and what products or services they want, need and will buy when you offer them in a way that resonates with their needs. If your a therapist, healer or coach, I highly recommend this course.

#7Secrets #SpiritualBusiness #Success #YourGifts #YourClients #YourSecretRecipe
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It's a Great Sunday and Day 4 of 12 Days of Christmas

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Today is Sunday and it's Day 4 of '12 Christmas: Making Your Christmas Brighter!
'Forever Marine Mask' is yours today for a generous discount at $15.99.
 12 Days of Christmas Day 4

$18.00 Retail
Yours Today for $15.99

Forever Marine Mask

A long day of work or a hard day at play may leave your skin looking and feeling dull and dry. Added moisture and deep cleansing is the obvious solution to restoring and replenishing your skin’s softness and natural texture.

Forever Marine Mask® provides deep cleansing while balancing the skin’s texture with natural sea minerals from sea kelp and algae, plus the super moisturizing and conditioning properties of aloe vera, honey, and cucumber extract. This easy-to-apply, deep penetrating mask will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Your skin will love the exceptional quality of the natural ingredients found in Forever Marine Mask!

  • Provides deep cleansing and moisturization
  • Contains natural sea minerals
  • Easy-to-apply conditioning mask
Experience deep cleansing and moisturizing for yourself today.
Forever Marine Mask

And don't forget to get signed up for the Newsletter below.

#12DaysofChristmas #ForeverMarineMask #DeepCleansing #Newsletter
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Have a Beautiful Sunday

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Have a beautiful Sunday!
And if you have snow--Enjoy it!
#BeautifulSunday #snow
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Shay-Made: Creations with Re-Purposed Wood

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Shay-Made Repurposed Wood Creations

Shay-Made Creations with Re-Purposed Wood 
is now published.
I've added the manger scene and more to come: Snowmen, Christmas trees + More

Visit Shay-Made's page and don't stay away. 

Sign up for the newsletter and stay updated 
Home at Hearth News
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Good Evening: Last Call for a Slogan

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Good evening. Friday is coming to a close. Anything in your day you'd like to share?
I am going to be deciding on a slogan for my cover to use across Home at Hearth's social media.
If you would like to suggest one you still have time. Just let me know what you come up with.

You may submit your suggestion below in the comments or on Facebook.

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It's Friday!

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It's Friday. Any plans for the weekend? I'm working on post some very new additions~Shaymade Creations with re-purposed wood. I think your going to like these.

#video #Shaymade #repurposedWood #Friday
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Harassment Continues Against Rembris Family

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Friday Dec. 2, 2016

Harassment continues against Rembris Family.
This has to stop!!

#MedicallyKidnapped #Texas Teen Suffers Seizures, Medical Neglect in State Care

Texas parents Claire and William #Rembis are scared for their son's health since he was taken from his family in late August 2016. Alex, who is almost 16, has a seizure disorder that was under control when he lived at home with his parents and 10 siblings. But he has recently been experiencing more seizures, and his parents believe that the actions of Child Protective Services social workers and the staff of the group home he was placed in have put his health in serious danger.

Read More

#RembrisFamily #CPSInjustice #Alex #seizures 
#Medical Kidnap
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12 Days of Making Christmas Bright

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Welcome to 12 Days of Making Christmas Bright
I'm very slow to post today's discount due to some unforseen circumstances but don't hesitate to take advantage of today's offer. I will honor the offer until 8:00 a.m tomorrow morning. Your welcome to purchase Day 2 when it begins regardless if Day 1 is still a happening!
Tomorrow's will be on time I promise! 

Day 1

It is estimated that men and women will end up spending around 6 months of their life shaving. That’s a lot of time! If you’re going to be spending that much time on something, be sure you’re using products you believe in.

Since shaving can be abrasive on your skin, we knew that the best product to help soothe it would be our patented Aloe Vera that leaves your skin feeling cool and revitalized.

To that potent product, we added glycerin, a well-known, mild conditioning agent as well as arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid that moisturizers your skin. Disodium cocoamphodiacetate is derived from the fatty acids of coconut oil and helps produce foam, as well as softens your skin.

We’re just going to warn you now, men, to not be surprised if the woman in your life wants this fresh and invigorating shave enhancer too. This luxurious foaming gel turns the ordinary, daily chore of shaving into a pampering experience for everyone. Multiple moisturizers leave your skin feeling smooth, moisturized, and refreshed.

Forever Aloe Shave
5 oz

Aloe Shave
And...if you haven't already connected with me through my newsletter, please do so below. Excited to share with you and send you off a couple delicious tea bags. Yup, Aloe Blossom Tea Rocks!!
#BeYourFavoriteSelf #ChristmasBright #Discounts #Specials #ForeverAloeShave
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The Journey, John Lewis

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I love this video from John Lewis, 'The Journey'
I hope your Christmas season is extra special this year for you, family and friends.

#JohnLewis #TheJourney #Christmas #ShowMoreLove 
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Let it Snow, Let it Snow

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Works everytime or so it seems. LOL I start singing 'Let it Snow' and indeed it does start snowing. I know it's not really cuz I'm singing. The snow would run and hide. LOL
It's not snowing much but I'm liking it. 
Ok if you hate snow you might wanna clobber me.
Bear with me. I am a snow lover just hate dealing with the cold like everyone else.
10:29:00 AM

Whose Got a Tree and Snow?

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Whose got your tree up?
I do but no snow.
Someone stole the snow that belongs to Iowa lol

#ChristmasTree #NoSnow

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