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A Wonderful and 🌨 Snowy Day🌨

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Good Afternoon to Stay Warm

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Good afternoon.
I hope  your Friday is going well.
It's another cold one here.
As much as I like winter and the snow, 
the 'cold' part of winter
is getting to me.
Good day to be inside, warm and creative!

#Friday #winter #cold #Creative
7:25:00 AM

💖 Happy Valentine's Day 💖

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💖 Sending you special wishes for an awesome day!💖

Are you doing something special today with your spouse, family or friends?

My daughter just dropped off Pink Tulips, already growing so I can plant them when the winter passes, flavored coffees and candy.
What can I say, Family Rocks!

I'll be spending several hours of my day with the animals at the Pet Refuge today and making their Valentine's Day brighter.

Then I'll be coming home and making some heart shaped treats to celebrate Valentine's Day with my dogs and a late celebration of their 5th birthday 💓 

#ValentinesDay #Birthday #DogsCelebrate #PetRefuge #Family
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Charlie's Story

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Attack the Day

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Have a great Monday. Rise up and attack this day with enthusiasm and make it your best day!

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Taking a Sleigh to Work

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Good morning and a good Sunday to everyone.
We're enjoying the latest snowfall here. I jokingly think taking a sleigh to work this morning might be appropriate. But then where would I park LOL
#Sunday #Morning #SleighRide #Winter #Iowa
10:24:00 AM

💝 A Sweetheart of a Palette 💝

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This is a sweetheart of a palette from my friend, Lauren at Ren's Reflections.
Give someone a special gift for
💝 Valentine's Day!
For that matter give yourself something special. 
After all you deserve it 💝

#ValentinesDay #SweetheartPalette #RensReflections 
8:17:00 AM

🙂 Enjoy Your Saturday 🙂

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Good morning. I hope you enjoy your Saturday. Mine started early with the dogs up before it's light out 🙂🙂
Regardless, I'm going to enjoy my day and hope you do too!
7:04:00 AM

❆ Happy Friday ❆

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Good Morning and a Happy Friday to everyone
It's a rather brisk one here with below zero temps.

A nice hot cup of coffee sure warms one through and through!
Have a great day!

#Morning #Friday 
7:38:00 AM

A Wonderful Thursday to You

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Happy Thursday everyone!

I love winter and never thought I'd get excited to see the temps getting above zero today but I am excited 😄
The arctic temps have been a bit much here and all across the country I hear. 
How is it where you are?

This week among dehydrating fruits, and working at the Pet Refuge,I've been doing some online training for a substitute teacher.
It's really made me stop and think about how I come across to others by my communication and even facial expressions.
So I chose the image with cups of trust, kindness, honesty and caring. 
I'm more committed than ever to be responsible for how I interact with others around me and even online.
I encourage you to be more self-aware today with our interactions with others. 
Now go have a wonderful Thursday!

 P.S. I have a dear friend, Lauren with Younique that could use some support today to keep active. Let's help her by doing something nice for ourselves. 😃
Click the image below and see if there isn't something just for you!
January specials with Younique

#Thursday #kindness #trust #honesty #caring #arcticBlast #communication #Coffee #RensReflections #Younique
7:03:00 AM

Preparedness Without the Internet

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-29 Wind Chill and Dropping

Good Morning!
Does the picture look cold? It is here, -29 and dropping.
I wasn't able to share later yesterday due to 
no internet connection. 
I have a sneaking hunch it had to do with such cold temps.
I'm definitely learning to be more mobile savvy 🙂
I am thankful to be up and running this morning though!

Yesterday I was able to work on the dried fruit leathers and wanted to share this morning if you'd like to make some yourself!
Dried fruit leathers or even vegetable ones can be very tasty, healthy and a good item for your Preparedness Pantry.

I've made them in the dehydrator and in the oven. So you can choose which method you want to use.

When the new website is ready I'll definitely be making available downloadable or printable PDF's. In the meantime I'll share the recipe and how-to's here.

Here's what you need:
2-3 pounds of fresh fruit
1/2 Cup of water
Sugar or your alternative sweetner
1 teaspoon lemon juice (optional)
dash of cinnamon, nutmeg,  or other spices (optional)
vegetable or olive oil for brushing on your pan if drying in the oven.

Drying in the oven

1.If your fruit has pits or stems be sure to remove them and chop the fruit.
Taste how sweet the fruit is. If plenty sweet you won't need to add any sugar or alternative sweetner.

2. Put your fruit in a saucepan with 1/2 cup of water for every 4 cups of chopped fruit. 
Bring to a simmer, cover and cook over low heat aproximately 15 minutes or until your fruit is soft.

3. Use a blender of food processor and puree the fruit to a smooth consistency.

4. Return to saucepan and add sugar or alternative sweetner until fruit is as sweet as you desire.
Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes and sugar is dissolved and puree thickens. 
If not adding sugar or sweetner just simmer until the puree thickens. 

5. You can add lemon juice now to prevent food discoloration and brighten the flavor.
This is also a good time to add your spices and mix in well. 

6. Line a cookie sheet with a sturdy microwave safe wrap and brush with the vegetable or olive oil to keep the fruit from sticking.
I've just brushed well with oil my cookie sheet without the wrap as well. I've not had any issue with sticky but it's your call.
Pour in your puree to 1/8 to 1/4 inch thickness and spread as evenly as possible.

7. Place your cookie sheet in the oven, making sure if your using plastic wrap is not touching sides of oven or racks. Also be sure the plastic wrap hasn't folded over onto the fruit puree.
Heat your oven to the lowest setting-aprox 170 degrees on many ovens. Let the fruit dry as long as it takes for the fruit to dry and is no longer sticky.
For me it normally takes around 8-12 hours and I do it at night when the oven isn't needed for anything else.

8. When your fruit is dry if you have used the microwave safe wrap just roll it up and cut it in strips to your desired size.
If you have only brushed your pan with oil, just go ahead and roll up the same and cut to your desired size and wrap well in plastic wrap.
You can even use cookie cutters and cut out fun shapes. If you do so then go ahead and wrap your individual shapes. 
I use a vacuum sealer like the one below to store my fruit leathers in a bag and I'm certain they will stay fresh in storage until used. But you can store in fruit jars sealed tightly.

But don't forget to order bags if decide you want one 😁


If you want to use the Food Dehydrator Method

1. Follow steps 1-5 for the oven method 
2. Line the food dehydrator with plastic microwave safe wrap or purchase the fruit roll up racks.
I'm sharing below a fairly inexpensive dehydrator and racks for drying fruits and veggies below if you don't have one or the special racks for making the fruit leathers. This particular dehydrator comes with one rack for drying fruits and veggies.

You want to add the fruit puree 1/8 to 1/4 inch thickness.

3. Let your fruit dehydrate for 8-12 hours. The fruit is ready when fruit is dry, no longer sticky and easy to peel.

4. Roll up the fruit leathers in the plastic wrap and cut to desired size. If you used the drying rack for the fruit, just roll up and cut, wrap and store. Or again you can cut out shapes with cookie cutters, wrap and store. 

#Preparedness #PreparednessPantry #FruitLeathers #Dehydrator #VacuumSealing #Recipe #Directions #ColdWeatherHits #Wednesday #Morning
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Morning Prepping Plan

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Good Morning. I hope you have an awesome Tuesday!

I'm going to start sharing more on building your 'Preparedness Pantry' and am planning some things I'll be working on later today. I'll be sharing later on making fruit leathers either in your dehydrator or in your oven. 

Look forward to sharing more later!

#Preparedness #FruitLeathers #Drying #PreparednessPantry 

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💗 Wishing You a Lovely Sunday 💗

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💗Have a lovely Sunday everyone 💗
I hope you get some relaxing time and enjoy your day!

7:28:00 AM

❤️ Wishing You a Beautiful Day ❤️

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❤️ Wishing you a beautiful Thursday ❤️
It's been cold here with lots of snow.
As much as I love snow this image with warmer weather and the brightness makes me smile

It's getting closer to the end of the week. Anything your trying to get finished up or working on?😃 I'm working on some aloe bath bombs as well as some with surprises in them for kids. I am excited to get them done 😃

#Thursday #Bathbombs #snowy

6:57:00 AM

A Message to Live By

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Today I remember Martin Luther King Jr and his dream.
His message is as prevalent today as it was when he was alive.
He fought and stood for equality for all and the value of everyone no matter their color! 
He stood for doing what is right and overcoming hate with love. 
Sometimes doing what is right and overcoming hate with love isn't necessarily mush and gush. Rather caring about each person we encounter, work with, see at the grocery store, etc.
 Overcoming inequality, racism, and the like isn't resolved with hatred, meanness, violence and disregarding others to be recognized as an important human being!
We are all important and I encourage everyone, especially those with color and different beliefs to hold your head up proudly and live life to the fullest.
Let others see the awesomeness your made of!

#MartinLutherKing #OvercomewithLove #LiveHisDream

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