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Your Free Christmas List

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Good evening. How's your Friday went?
I wanted to share this cool and free Christmas List with you.
You can click on it and save it to your computer or follow the link below and download it to print. Put it on your frig or give to family/friends to let them know what's on your list.
#Christmas #WishList #Free
9:35:00 PM

A Sweet Christmas Deal

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Good evening. 
I hope you've had the best day.
It was an unseasonable warm day today but we're back to winter cold again tomorrow.
It's nice to have the gift of nice days when they come.
I have been working on this collection for Nichaholic and Graphics and was a bit delayed. So I thought this would be a nice addition to share with you as well.
My rescue dog Marie was diagnosed with Anaplasmosis which is a tick born disease.
I'm doing my best to keep on track with her and get my work done as well.
I've put together some images in time for Christmas.
I'm sharing the Holiday Collection Part 1.
I hope you might like the sweet deal I've put together for you. All the following images are yours for a sweet deal of $15.00
Have a look below and see if they are to your liking.
I hope you will find them a great asset to your Christmas shares this season. I look forward to sharing more soon!


'Have a Merry Christmas'

'Have a Very Merry Christmas'

 'Wonderful Christmas'

'Happy Holidays'


#HolidayImages #ChristmasJoy
8:13:00 PM

πŸ•― Light up the Night and Your Christmas πŸ•―

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Good evening. Well it's been Cyber Monday for most. I'm posting kinda late cuz the Cyber Goodness continues all week and then some for you!

This 7" Classic Christmas Bubble Night Light is a treasure and makes the holidays brighter.
I've loved Bubble lights since I was a kid and so glad I can find them more often than not now!

 On sale until December 8 at $10.99 (Regularly retails at $11.50 and Free Shipping

 Don't venture far since there is more to come all week πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„

#CyberMonday #CyberWeek #BubbleLights #nightlight #Decorate #Christmastime
5:27:00 PM

A Cozy Evening

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Good evening. How's your Sunday been?
has definitely made it's appearance again here. It's a great night to stay in warm and toasty.
What's weather like where you are?
Since it's Sunday and a day of rest I won't be sharing any Christmas gifts for purchase. Do stay tuned for more soon and by all means have a restful evening.

#Winter #Evening #Sunday #CozyEvening

8:09:00 PM

πŸ› Bath or Shower 🚿

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Good evening.
How's your weekend going so far?
It's been kind of weird weather here.
Started down pouring rain, thundering and hailing.
Weird for wintertime.
A nice warm shower sure is in order!
It occurs to me not everyone takes time out to enjoy 
a bath. So I had a brain storm to do 'Shower Bombs'.
Perfect for the shower when we only have time for a shower or prefer it.
And in time for the holidays this 'Peppermint Shower Bomb' hits the spot!

This 4 oz shower bomb is light green & made with Peppermint essential oil. The aroma can impact cognitive functions as well as help with attention span , memory & logical thinking! Peppermint oil is also known for calming the mind as well as taking the edge off of anxiety! 
 Created with Citric Acid , Baking Soda , Sunflower Oil, Organic Shea Butter , Essential Oil , Natural Colorant.
Peppermint Shower Bomb
4 oz

8:45:00 PM

Beyond Black Friday Madness

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Good evening. 
I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!
I know many go out shopping for Black Friday shopping. Did you go and survive. Perhaps your like me and still have shopping to do.
Well we have lots of time to finish our shopping.
Home at Hearth's Christmas specials start tonight until December 20.  
I'll be sharing some great gift ideas and perhaps you'll find something that is a perfect gift for those your shopping for. 

Tonight I'd like to kick off Christmas with Home at Hearth by sharing something kind of nice for a gift for others including yourself.
Awe the smell of Christmas. This Mistletoe Bath Bomb has amazing color with it's multi berry sweet smell. Bright teal color with silver glitter. 
Made with Organic Shea Butter, Vitamin E oil 400, Baking soda, Citric Acid , Sunflower Oil, Premium salt, and the best in fragrance.

Mistletoe Bath Bomb

 #ChristmasKickOff  #Mistletoe #BathBomb

5:07:00 AM

Happy Thanksgiving

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

1:50:00 PM

Can You Find 15 Hours a Week?

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Good afternoon. I purchased Dan Miller's 48 Days workbooks several years ago and it was a life changer. I got a bit side tracked and this hit the spot. If you have been fumbling or have gotten side tracked, this may be for you! Don't let the graphic fool you. It's not a get rich quick scheme. Anything worth having and going forward with takes time and effort but I believe you can do this or I'd not be posting this. Check out Dan's 14 Hour Masterclass Replay. It cost nothing to get motivated and get the worksheet.

#15Hours #DanMiller #masterclass #EaglesCommunity

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Monday Afternoon: Thanksgiving WeekπŸ¦ƒ

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πŸ¦ƒGood afternoon πŸ¦ƒ
Wow can't believe this is Thanksgiving week.
If your in the United States we get together with a huge meal and hang out together with family and friends. Then many head out for 'Black Friday' shopping in the evening. Followed up by 'Small Business Saturday'
So, what's everyone making for the festivities? And are you going out for Black Friday shopping?
Be sure to remember the wonderful small businesses that make our world better than it could ever be without them. In my book a business with 10,000+ employees isn't necessarily a small business but could be I suppose.
#Thanksgiving #BlackFriday #SmallBusinessSaturday

10:44:00 AM

Monday and Autum Awesomness

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Hey it's Monday! I hope you have a good one! It seems since Halloween is over some forget the awesomeness of autumn and Thanksgiving (even if we've had snow already) I still have my autumn decor up and pumpkins around the house.
Don't worry I'm looking forward to decorating for Christmas in time πŸ˜€What are your thoughts!

#Monday #AutumnAwesomness
4:53:00 AM

A Little Sunday Solitude

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Good Morning!
Have a downright relaxing Sunday today!


#Sunday #solitude #Relax
8:38:00 AM

😊 Good Morning and a Happy Tuesday 😊

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Good Morning and a Happy Tuesday!
Any plans for your day?
It's brrr here and hope will warm up a bit. 😊

8:00:00 AM

A Sunday with No Alarm

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Yeah it's Sunday. I love a morning without an alarm. It was nice to to wake up to dog kisses and not an alarm! Here in the U.S. we set our clocks back an hour so it's an extra plus to sleep an hour longer!

#Sunday #NoAlarm
7:52:00 AM

Halloween is Coming Shortly

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πŸ’₯Good Morning πŸŽƒ
Some do Halloween and some do not. Some have Beggars Night tonight and some tomorrow.
Whichever you do have an amazing Wednesday and have fun! If you don't do Halloween go ahead and enjoy the autumn season in all it's glory!
#halloween #BeggarsNight #Wednesday #Morning #autumn
6:30:00 AM

Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee

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Good Morning. I am getting my coffee and focusing. How about you!

#morning #coffee

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